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Meet Aletha!


Aletha has always been a planner, from parties and vacations, to outings with friends or with children as a nanny. Aletha has a background in theatre, film, and childcare. In other words, lots of creativity and wrangling! Aletha lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, Northern Nevada, and Las Vegas before settling in Los Angeles. Working as an Associate Planner with Burlap and Rose Weddings has given her the courage to follow her dreams and start her own wedding and event planning business, Romance and Revelry.

Recently, Romance and Revelry has also started dabbling in wedding florals with the help of our AMAZING team below. Aletha's goal is to create whimsical and fun weddings, baby showers and events that your guests won't stop gushing about and to ensure that your day runs as smooth as can be. She loves celebrations of all kinds and can't wait to help you realize your fabulous vision!

Meet the Team!


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Born in Puerto Rico, Luisa Cartagena is a recent transplant to LA via Boston. She maintains an active career as a freelance flutist and music educator. Luisa brings her creative side to life by being one of the driving forces in our Florals program!

Luisa also loves playing music at weddings and is available to help plan the music for your wedding with her vast network of musician contacts! Luisa is highly connected in the industry, working with renowned artists and is also active in several music groups in the Los Angeles area. Her main ensemble, TrioLA, is composed of flute, harp and cello… which is a perfect combination for any ceremony and cocktail hour! Craving a killer Rock band for your wedding or a pianist for your cocktail hour?  Luisa can help you find some of the best, and affordable, musicians in Los Angeles to perform for your event.  





Alex Sato is a native of Pittsburgh, but moved to LA 7 years ago. Alex also recently got married herself, and has a passion for pickling and canning, floral arranging, and dinner parties.  You can usually find her working as the Grants and Contracts Manager at The Center at Blessed Sacrament, though on weekends in her spare time she loves helping to coordinate beautiful rituals and wedding days!




Bethany Dahl is a floral designer living and creating in sunny L.A..  She attended F.I.D.M. and received an A.A. in Fashion Design, and has worked in the industry for the past 10 years as a print designer. She fell in love with arranging flowers, on a computer screen, and thanks to her friend, Alex Sato, she was introduced to the art of designing florals for weddings and events. Seeing this as a natural transition from digital to the tangible she now enjoys both.