Floral Packages

We love florals and our team is happy to work with you to create your perfect flowery vision. We love color and trying new things. Pricing varies based on your needs but we are more than happy to work with you and your budget!


Blooming Romance

Ranging from $800 - $1500

This package is great for couples who are having a smaller wedding party of 1-2 on each side or no wedding party at all! Blooming Romance is perfect for elopements, minimalist weddings or weddings with a low guest count. Minimal blooms, flat lay greenery or smaller centerpieces and/or bud vases often work great with this package as opposed to garlands or large installations which can really jump up the price. We can still accomplish a lot with this package by substituting more affordable flowers, renting vases from us instead of buying new or finding creative ways to re-create the look of more expensive pieces.


Petal to the Metal

Ranging from $1500 - $3500

This package is the perfect middle ground for most couples and will still give you tons of blooms to play with! We can create 6-8 slightly larger bouquets, 6-10 boutonnieres, and medium to large range centerpieces. This package can accommodate most floral arch requests with plenty of blooms. In addition, our mid range package generally gives you room to add an arrangement or garland for another area which can include cake table, bar or welcome table. There is a lot of wiggle room with this package and we would be happy to build it to meet your needs!


Flower Power

Ranging from $3500 - $5000

This package is total flower power! For couples wanting to make a floral statement at their wedding, this is the package for you. In this budget range we can really start to go all out and create lush and extravagant pieces. This package generally includes 8-10 larger bouquets, 10+ boutonnieres, and larger centerpieces. Larger installations, more expansive and intricate arch designs, garlands and/or centerpieces for other areas of the ceremony or reception space can fit easily into this package. Flower wall? Hanging Centerpieces? Give us an idea and we’d love to help you realize your vision!